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Corewpress can work on anything from small to large custom WordPress development projects. We have an experienced team ready to work on your project. Our project managers keep track of every aspect of the requirements gathering, development, implementation and site testing and work closely with you to support you during the complete process. All done with an agile approach.

theme development

We create unique themes for your WordPress sites that matches exactly what you need without losing any of the benefits of a scalable, extendable, robust, SEO friendly, and secure WordPress content management system (CMS). Of course, there are a lot of solutions out there that offer you standard or premium themes to match your needs. But what if your company needs to stand out from the rest? What if you need an exclusive theme that no one else has?

Our team includes a group of designers that bring your ideas into a creative, modern, social, and effective unique website for your company. Let us create your one of a kind site.

plugin development

Sometimes you need a specific behaviour on your site that you can’t add directly to the theme (or you just don’t know how). Sometimes you just need to extend the features of an existing plugin. For those and other cases, we can create any plugin for you, with any feature you need, blended perfectly with the rest of your site. Plugins are great scalable tools employed to meet unique business needs and how you manage them.

Oh! Do you have a plugin from another vendor? You want to extend it and at the same time keep the ability to update it in the future? Well, we can help you with that too!

photoshop to wordpress

Are you a Pixel Perfect designer? Are your creations stacked after they are in PSD? Do you need someone to help you turn them into a real website? Just send us your PSD files with any element you want in it and we’ll create the perfect WordPress theme — pixel perfect for you.

No need to struggle any longer with post, pages, loops, widget area, etc. We are your go-to Company when you need to create a reusable, secure and top notch WordPress theme.

et & woo customizations

ElegantThemes and WooThemes premium themes, have several designs that may fit your needs. If you want to differentiate from the other users, we can help you customize the design to make the site uniquely reflect your branding. This approach gives you a best of breed combination of incorporating your requirements, your features, your look & feel, your branding, with the power, elegance, ease of use, and secure code of ElegantThemes and WooThemes.

Examples of some of the customizations we provide include: integrating any plugin and blend it with the theme as a native feature, creating new templates for different applications, such as doctors, product catalogs, hotel reservations, etc. or adapting the theme to a different industry (tourism, medical, technology, sports, pharmaceutics, and others). And many other ideas!


We help you maintain your WordPress site by updating all your plugins and the WP core making sure your site keeps working as expected. We also monitor your site 24/7 so any downtime is immediately corrected.

We can also help with your content management by helping add or modify posts, pages, products, or whatever updates your site needs.

wp hosting

“I need to decide the hosting too? How do I do that!?” – If you ever found yourself saying something similar, we can help.

You need to have a reliable hosting, that help you recover from failure quickly, with a 99.9% of uptime and most important that is WordPress oriented and optimized. We offer that and much more!


We offer consulting services to help you define your work and make the best decisions for your site. No matter if it’s a simple 4 page website, or a very complex eCommerce, we’ll help you define the best approach on every aspect. That way your site will be built in a solid base and could be scaled in the future.


You can’t avoid to be attacked, but you can choose to have the best protection. Be always online, free of malware and protected from hacking attempts.

We take care of your server, files and database, hardening every entry point that it’s a potential threat.

Have a complete WordPress solution and forget about any troubles

We help you boost your WordPress website by creating and managing every aspect of it.

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